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art & visual arts studies are my life passions

"Being an artist is not just about making art… it is about delivering the vision one is given… and about doing the right thing without sparing oneself."
Lilian Yeh

I was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I found myself in Lubbock, Texas after a move from Kilkenny, Ireland where I lived in in L'Arche community and worked with individuals with special needs. I am presently working as an Adjunct Professor in the Texas Tech University School of Art.

My introduction to art came from an abstract artist named Neil Chodorow from New York, who was my neighbor growing up. Dr. Chodorow gave me special instruction starting at the age of 4 and a great passion for art. Since then, painting has always been an integral part of my life.

When I immerse myself in creating art, it becomes a meditative process. I use it as a way to achieve balance and I enjoy using color along with designs that arise spontaneously. My main inspiration comes mostly from God's creation, this stems from growing up on a farm and living by the sea.

I also find inspiration from music, poetry, and other artistic/love relationships that spring forth life into my creative process. Those life artists who have influenced me the most are those whose lives dictate beauty and love. These individuals include my family, friends, and especially my beautiful wife, Lisa. I believe we are all connected and these relationships contribute to who I am and what my art becomes.

I am also a father to a very intuitive six-year-old named Liam who has artistic gifts of his own. This core relationship continues to open up a whole new perspective in my creative energy, which is filled with excitement and gratitude.

I thank God for my gift of creativity and the ability to use painting as a way to relax, meditate, pray, and just have fun! I hope you enjoy these expressions of grace, and please feel free to comment by contacting me.