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bookings, showings & exhibitions

Please feel free to contact David regarding special showings and gallery tours. He would be glad to discuss any number of creative ideas for exhibitions. He can assemble his works from a design perspective (such as selections from his series), by type of media, or overall artistic style.

We will be prospecting the first tour of showings for David's DOORS Project. Gallery, museum and institutional inquiries will be addressed in chronological order and we encourage interested parties to contact us as early as possible.

Talks, Presentations & Public Involvement

David is available to discuss various types of artistic expression, art and visual studies education, and in particular, community involvement (such as with his DOORS Project). He also loves to integrate art lessons so that smaller audiences (or classes) can enjoy a kinetic, hands-on experience.

Also see the "Exhibitions & Showings" and the "Special Events & Commissions" pages for additional information on past events.